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Oscar Oops and Funnies

NPR posted an amusing pictorial and comment assessment of the 2010 “Academy Awards.”  Check out the link–it will not disappoint!


While sweetly snuggling with Britan, the following conversation took place:
Britan:  “Mom you are chunkin’.”
Me:  “Oh, ya?” 
Britan:  “Yep, You are chunkin’ because of one spot.”
Me:  “Where is that?”
Britan:  “You are very chunkin’ right there.” he says as he presses on my chest.
Britan then yells: “Mom is chunkin’ on her boobies”  
He then rolled around on the bed laughing and repeating what he had said.  

“Happy Meal Toys” (and others) for Haiti

Every year for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) one of our favorite spring service projects is collecting small toys for the children in Haiti through Lifeline Christian Mission.  It is the perfect opportunity for spring cleaning as you can collect all the gently used small toys, balls, baby dolls, and “Happy Meal” type toys, etc. that pile up around your house.  We don’t often eat fast food so we don’t usually accumulate kids meal type toys that way, but they still seem to pop up everywhere around our house as tokens of friendship from other children, as goody bag gifts, or as treasure box prizes at school where other families get rid of their toys and pass them along to everyone else.  However we may get them, they still are excess for our family while they could be a blessing to the children in Haiti who have nothing.  So, throughout the year, we bag these little goodies up and save them for this ministry. 

If your family or a church or organization would like to get involved in collecting your gently used or new toys for Haiti then there is the info below thanks to my MOPS mentor, Linda.
Toys for Haiti:
921 Eastwind Dr.  Suite 133
Westerville, OH  43081-3363
NO guns & be careful to watch for things w/skulls, demon looking stuff or anything that could be linked to Voodoo.
Things to send: Balls, especially soccer balls. jewelry, hair bows, clips, dominoes, kids musical instruments, jacks, jump ropes, puzzles, marbles, dolls, clay, etch-a-sketch.   It would be really nice if they could find some black dolls for the girls if they are purchasing things new.  You can also find fun stuff in the toy travel section.
If they are recycling toys just make sure they are in nice condition. 

You can just box everything up and mail it to Lifeline.
Get involved in blessing others through this ministry or post if you have other ministry service project ideas to share with others.

Inexpensive Bleach Recipe

After posting my latest laundry detergent recipe, I received a wonderful message from my Aunt-in-law sharing a really neat tip about an inexpensive bleach recipe.  It is the first time that I have ever gotten a bleach recipe so I am eager to try it out, but I thought that I would share it with everyone else too.  If anyone has any other great money saving tips, I would love to share them on my blog also.  The following is her message with the recipe and details of what to do.  If anyone else tries it out before I get a chance, then you’ll have to post on here how it worked for you.

Here is her recipe for inexpensive bleach:
…it has a shelf life of almost forever whereas the bleach you buy fizzles after 1-2 years. This is made from “Dry Shock” for swimming pools., which in it’s dry form lasts years and years. Get the plain variety, with no algaecides or fungicides. Very inexpensive and can be gotten at any pool supply store. It is pure enough to be used to purify water for drinking if the need ever arises. 

for bleach:
1 heaping teaspoon of the calcium hypochlorite (pool shock)
2 gallons of water – mix thoroughly and store iin plastic bottles

to purify water for drinking: 
2 1/2 tablespoons of the bleach to 1 gallon of water
Let stand covered 30 minutes, aerate to taste

Spring Cleaning Challenge

If you have ever been to my house then you would quickly realize that although it is a cute starter home, we have definitely outgrown it.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all about kids sharing rooms and a cozy environment, but unfortunately my home doesn’t grow and my family did.  We bought our three bedroom, two bath home when we only had our two girls, but since then we have added our two sons and a very small dog.   With added children comes additional furniture, toys, and mountains of laundry.  Now our house is bursting at the seams.  To make sure that clutter doesn’t build up, we constantly have to sort through our belongings and give away or get rid of things.  

Since today my girls have the day off from school, we have decide to do the 100 things challenge.  The challenge consists of giving away, throwing away, or getting rid of 100 things from around our house.  We are not counting things such as paper trash, only actual items.  We are dividing them into groups such as: throw away, MOPS yard sale items, small toys for children in Haiti, or give away to someplace like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  If we don’t get quite to the 100 items mark then that is ok because we will still have gotten rid of a bunch of items, but I am pretty competitive so I am sure that we will reach our goal.    Do you want to join our challenge?
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