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Month: April 2012

I always knew that Cadence was a monkey…

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The Cadence of Kindergarten

My Kindergartener, Cadence has decided that she wants me to build a school for her called “Awesomest Elementary” and that all the children will want to go there because it will be so awesome. Cadence says she will be the really nice principal and that I will be her assistant. She will give treats to all the kids when they get to school each day, so she says that we will have to buy lots and lots of candy. She said that she will have to do a lot of fundraising to have her school. I asked her what kind of fundraising and she said that the people will pay to have their kids be there so that there will be lots of classrooms and a playground in the school. She told me that there would be recess, art, computers, P.E., library, music, and even free time. She said that the thing that she was most worried about was student behavior, so the nicest classes will get candy and the “baddest” classes will get nothing. She will tell all the teachers this, so they will make sure that everyone is nice.
Previously, Cadence told me that she wants to build a church in front of our house called “Christian’s Who Learn About God”. She certainly has a great amount of ambition, but will just need a lot of funds. It is a good thing that she has her heart set on a little boy who wants to be a neurosurgeon when he grows up.
Although she says she wants to be principal of “Awesomest Elementary”, she may end up being a doctor of some sort instead. Today, she got to dissect a cow’s eye and she loved it. She said that her favorite part was “playing with the cow’s lens which was hard and pink.”. She told me that part of the eye was gooey and that it leaked out of the eye when they cut into it. She loved that each table got their own eye to dissect and that they got to wear gloves and use “real scientist tools”. She told me that “today was so fun!”
Before going to bed, Cadence told me that most nights she dreams of candy and loves her dreams.
Sweet dreams! 😉

My heart skips a beat…

My husband surprised me yesterday by buying me a steam cleaning vacuum. More than trinkets or chocolates, this is the kind of gift that makes my heart go pitter-patter. Although my husband will have to be the one to really use it, (my shoulder makes me not so good at pushing) I love gifts that are practical, provide for my family, and most importantly keep our house from smelling like potty or puppy training. For years, we teased our mom for the infamous Christmas gifts of a bathroom rug and a lamp for my father. My dad still has never let her live down those classic undesired gifts. However, I now think that she may have been on to something as most of my gift requests or extra grocery money go toward purchasing things such as laundry baskets with wheels, room decor items, and yes…even bathroom rugs.

Perfect Picnic Weather

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