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Month: May 2012

True Beauty

When I looked into the mirror of the world I saw, 

Only imperfections and my every flaw.

Never achieving or believing the worth of who I was, 
Felt a failure who was broken, and a worthless cause.
Finding fault with every blemish, every broken part,
Ugly thoughts that skewered my life’s most damaged heart.
I could never measure up to others though I tried so hard.
How had I been dealt the hand with the losing card?
When I looked through the world’s image I was told a lie,
Told that my imperfections made me up inside.
The inside and the outside were at total odds,
Until I looked into the mirror of the eyes of God.
In Him I saw the beauty in a heart repaired.
In Him I saw the beauty in my graying hair.
There is beauty in the wrinkles and their stories told,
Drawing lines across my face as their many tales unfold.
There is beauty in my laughter as my heart finds joys.
There is beauty in the growth marks of my girls and boys.
God created me so perfectly to do His will. 
It is through Him and His purpose that I feel fulfilled.
Where I had felt a failure, I had been perfect made.
Long before I gave my heart to the One that saved.
He had created me with beauty, I had never known,
Until I looked into Christ’s mirror and saw the image as my own.
The mirror of the world will always tell you lies.
Turn your heart toward the image in your Father’s eyes.
Christen Young

Boy time!!! Our last week of picking up the girls after school for the summer.

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Mother’s Day lunch with the kids.

Christen Young
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