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Month: June 2012

Even In The Little Things

I had recently been reminded that God’s love is so big, so enveloping, that He cares about even the smallest and seemingly tiniest details of our lives. He loves us so much that He knows even the number of hairs on our head. This thought laughingly reminds me of my sister whose many hairs would be a challenge to count seeing as she has more hairs on her head than anyone I have ever met. Yet, I am quite sure my Dad’s hair would only take moments to count and is losing numbers by the day. Anyway, I digress, but the point is that God cares about every aspect of us and He is in every detail. With that in mind, I prayed our morning prayer on our way into swim lessons a little differently this morning.

All of my children started swim lessons last week and they all entered as basically non swimmers. For Decker, this was his first opportunity as a big three year old to try an organized class. His teacher was fantastic, but he still insisted on running over to me throughout the class instead of sitting with the rest of the children. Usually he would run back over to his class with little prompting, but when he did decide that he had enough it was a struggle for me to guide/push him back over to his teacher. Taking the kids to swimming lessons four days a week is painful enough for me and is way more driving then I should be doing, but wrestling him back to his teacher (he actually loves the water when he is in it) was just too painful. By the fourth day I had enough. His regular teacher that forces him to swim despite his protesting was gone and the substitute teachers were caving in to his lack of desire to have them work with him. So, frustrated and hurting, I gave him the choice to sit with his class or sit in a time out spot. He chose time out and stayed there the entire class which was fine with me given that his usual teacher wasn’t there and I wasn’t going to let him have his way which was trying to convince me to let him sit on my lap and snuggle instead of going to class. I am more stubborn then a three year old, so that was not going to happen.
So today, when I prayed with the kids for our day, our swimming lessons, and so many other things, I decided that since God cared about me and about Decker, this was not an issue to unimportant to take to Him. I prayed that Decker would stay with his class, his teacher, and would love his class. I also prayed specifically for each of the other kids and the swimming challenges that they were having. My prayers were completely answered. Decker did an amazing job! He stayed with his teacher all but one and a half times which was a huge improvement, Cadence and Britan did well, and Raine learned to swim–really swim. By the end of class, she was doing breast stroke UNDERWATER for long periods of time. I was so proud of all of them and exclaimed to my dear friend, Heidi, that I should have brought this to the Lord when it all had started. Why didn’t it cross my mind to just take it to the Lord in prayer? Discipline did not work, neither did bribes (he was rewarded with bubbles), but the Lord did! He cared about my request to Him even about silly little swimming lessons. Why did I think that this was too small for the God who loves us and cares so deeply for ALL His children. If I can’t trust and give Him the small things in my life, then how would I be able to give Him the big things? 
On the way home, the kids and I literally lifted our hands as we said a prayer of praise and thanks to the Lord. God is so good. He loves us and more importantly, we matter to Him. The little and the big things, they matter to the God who made every detail of the universe.

Mathew 6:26–“Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

Blessings in Pain

  If I let pain rule my life then I would never leave my house or my bed, ever.  I choose instead to let the Lord rule my life and give me joy and strength which means that sometimes I have to push myself to do things that are painful to experience the benefits of sharing joy with others such as my children and the blessings that fellowship with friends brings.  Yesterday, I had a particularly wonderful day in which I got out of the house and spent the day with dear friends and family.  Today, as usually follows these amazing, but very physically taxing kind of days, I find myself in bed recovering and too hurt to leave my heating pad and IFC unit.  However, I can’t help but feeling blessed even in this pain.  I feel blessed to have friends that encourage me to get out and share memories with them.  I am blessed to have friends that help me carry, guide, and care for my children.  I am blessed to have a husband who works long hours to provide for everything that we would ever need and then come home and do daily tasks that I can not do while also loving and caring for me emotionally and spiritually.   Today,  I am mostly feeling so blessed to have the most amazing children that God has given me.  I am blessed to hear their sweet little voices lift mommy’s pain up in prayer many times a day.  I am blessed and humbled to see the servant’s heart of my oldest, Raine, as she cares for her brothers and sister, helping them with their meals and needs and also making sure that mommy is ok.  I am blessed by Cadence’s sweetness and her loving adoration of her mommy, making me feel so nurtured and to watch her love and be a peacemaker with each of her siblings.  I am blessed by my sweet boy, Britan, who gently snuggles me and softly pats my back while sharing the adventures of his favorite game and whose kindness blesses our whole family as he lovingly shares everything he has with his brother and sisters.  I am blessed by my lovey boy, Decker, whose excitement and energy brighten all of our lives, but particularly mine.  Today when he thought that I had enough sleep, he decided to give me one hundred hugs until I woke up and then acted completely surprised when I open my eyes about halfway through the hundred hugs.  He could sit all day in bed with his mommy and think it was the best day of his whole life.  I know that God made each of these children just for me as he made me just for them.  They are loving because they are loved, not just by mommy and daddy, but also by their Heavenly Father who made us all perfectly in His own image.  I know that if they love others as they love me then they can change their little piece of the world for the Lord forever and that is why I am so blessed to watch them grow in love from Him.   

    On a side note, I found myself watching a “Phineas and Ferb” marathon today which I would like to say that was for the kids, but considering that I was watching it by myself and think it may be the best cartoon show ever made, I would have to confess that I was in fact found to be GCC MOPS biggest fan of the show.  Anyway, the kids made their way into my room one by one and spread out everywhere to watch with me.  It is so fun to laugh with and be surrounded by them.  I also now have a strange desire to eat ice cream made from cows on the moon, or any ice cream for that matter.  

Decker Singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

Decker puts all his favorite bedtime songs in an order and then requests them by number.  This is him singing “Song #2” aka “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”.


This morning I was in bed, tired and hurting and watching my youngest, Decker zoom around my room doing his usual silly antics and loving on me. I thought to myself that I could watch him just be his wild, lovable self all morning…and then I kicked him out of my room. Only kidding. 😉 Given that I often am forced by pain to spend large amounts of time resting in my bed, Decker has spent most of his three years of life, hanging out with me in my room or on my bed. He never tires of running into my room yelling “mommy’s awake” the very moment that he hears me drag myself out of bed to get my meds. He flips around my bed climbing all around me and excitedly chatting about whatever imaginary character he has decided to be that day. Unreasonably smart, he tells me stories of all the morning adventures that I have missed. He adores me even at my grumpiest and is always the loveable little sparkplug that I need to start my day. Decker Bryant–God made you especially just for me and I am so thankful for my busiest, challenging, and amazing boy. God has big plans for you and I can’t wait to see them come in to fruition.

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