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Month: September 2012

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Cadence’s Prayer For Ryan

A few days after my daughter Raine prayed her sweet prayer, on Ryan’s burial day, my seven year old Cadence prayed a sweet prayer of her own.  Since we couldn’t attend Ryan’s visitation, memorial, or burial, we wanted to in our own small way do something special to remember him.  So, we mounted an American flag on our house and lit a special candle and kept it burning during those few days in remembrance of his life.  We prayed and cried and we still pray and cry.

The evening of his burial, after all the kids were in bed, Cadence came out of her bedroom just as I finally blew the candle out.  She looked at me and asked me to sit down and then climbed up on my lap and said “let’s pray mommy”.  Then she prayed:
“Dear Lord, Thank you for my mommy and for her cousin, Ryan, who died to save just us and for his friends who died too.  And, protect our family and his family and have angels from heaven protect us.  Please keep us safe.  Amen.”
She hugged and kissed me and then skipped back to bed only to come back a few minutes later to find me writing down what she had just prayed so that I would not forget it.  She asked me what I was doing and when I told her, she grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and wrote the following:
“Dear God, Thank you for my mom’s cousin Ryan for dying for us.  Amen.” 
Her sweet words are filled with so much truth as it is heroes like Ryan who sacrifice everything for us.  Both my girls tear up sometimes when they pray or talk about him because they know how much their mommy loved him and that as much as my heart hurts, the hearts of his wife and family are in so much pain.  The hope and joy that we can all have is that one day for those who give their lives to Christ as Ryan did, we will be able to embrace him again in heaven one day.

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