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Month: November 2012

Mom, Your Secret is Out!

So long time… no blogs from me which is strange because I had foot surgery last week which has given me plenty of time to sit and do a whole lot of nothing.  Foot surgery seems kind of random right now and most people knew nothing about it coming up, but the truth is that in comparison to my struggle with chronic neck/back/shoulder pain this was just a small blip on my radar of body breakdown problems and is actually a surgery that I have been putting off for years.  My mom had this same foot surgery sometime probably after birthing her nine children many years ago and as my surgery date neared I marveled at how she actually managed to accomplish being off her feet for several weeks at a time and still managing her large household.  Then I had my surgery which if you choose like I did, to not have general anesthesia (typical method for this surgery) and not be under sedation (don’t worry I had a spinal, so I couldn’t feel a thing) is surprisingly easy.  It is pretty crazy to hear the doctor using power tools on your foot and know that she is cutting through bone and screwing in pins, yet you feel nothing.  The nurses wanted to tie down my arms as standard procedure, but I assured them that after having four children ripped out of my stomach by c-section that I would not move about wildly, freak out, or try to grab at them hysterically.  So anyway, the foot surgery was pretty much a breeze except for one tiny issue. I will just say it and probably regret it later…no catheter plus no ability to move your muscles from the waist down means that as the nurse pre-warned me before the surgery, that “you will probably have urinary incontinence” translated by me as “you will probably pee on yourself and/or your husband, Jared, as he carries you  from the car, but you will not even know you are peeing because you will still be too numb to feel or control your bladder.”  My poor husband.  He was an innocent victim in this scenario, but I bet that Decker (my 3 year old son) was wondering why he had to be potty trained and not mommy.  I digress…all this to say the best part of this surgery (the part that my amazing mother completely forgot to tell me while complaining about her own feet which genetically gave me their issues) was that this foot surgery is actually some sort of amazing mom vacation.

I know that sounds super strange, but hear me out.  First of all, you are ordered to stay in bed with your feet up on pillows for basically a month.  Usually I hate spending time in bed, because it most often means that I am there not because of the sleep that I never get. Instead it is because I can not function with the annoying chronic pain that will not leave me alone.  However, in this case, my foot did not hurt at all–not one little bit.  I had a nerve block that lasted me for a day, but then magically being in constant neck and shoulder pain paid off for pretty much the first time ever in history.  It made my foot pain seem so minimal in comparison that it literally didn’t bother me–all the meds that I am already on probably helped a lot too.  Basically, I now get to sit like a queen in my bed while my children (aka indentured servants) serve me whatever I want.  I literally got to sleep on and off for the first straight five days and nights after surgery.  Sleeping was amazing, because I never actually sleep. Usually I am tired all the time and kept awake by pain, but then there are other things that also awaken me–for example small children creeping into my room at night, my husband snoring, my children snoring, or worst of all them snoring all together in horrible harmony while taking turns rotating through which one of them wakes me up that hour.  Following five days and nights of glorious sleep, I have been able to spend my time catching up with Netflix TV series’, reading, playing Wii with the kids, and doing my favorite mom job of all which never gets neglected…snuggling my sweet children.  All this has made me realize that my mom was not just amazing for having this surgery with more than twice the amount of children I have–she was brilliant!  She perfectly orchestrated a genius way for her to do what she loved best which was reading for hours on end.  Not only that, but other people made meals, drove her children to and from events, and tried to wrangle her crazy crew (all of these things, she was as I am now for my own family, profoundly grateful for). Why didn’t she share with me this amazing surgical benefit?  How did I not uncover this fact years ago?  I am convinced that she knew that if the secret got out, no one would feel sorry for her and her book reading mom-cation would be cut dramatically short.  Sorry Mom–your secret is out and I am actually feeling pretty awesome that I genetically inherited a need for my mom-cation, so thanks for that.  Now that the truth is out, I would not be surprised at all if the number of moms needing foot surgery rises dramatically.  Basically… foot surgery is awesome and I highly recommend it as a covert way to have a truly amazing mom-cation!  Mom, you are a genius. Your secret is not safe with me.

Worth Reading

Excellent article and great reminder that we need to “be the church” and that when we live our lives for Christ people will be drawn to Him by the love that we show others.

Picture of Love

It has been two weeks since I have posted a blog, so my to-do list today literally said “blog”. However, I got caught up on facebook writing a long anti-abortion post in response to an article I read which isn’t something that I usually do, but I could not keep myself from making a stand for human life especially the lives of the most tiny innocents among us. So, instead of writing a long blog today I wanted to simply post the most beautiful portrait of love.

This is my Uncle Tom Jeschke (Ryan’s dad) holding his grandson, Gabriel Ryan Siler, for the first time. It was love at first sight.  My cousin, Jean, and I struggled with our loads of luggage while we watched joyously this beautiful picture of Pop adoring his grandson all the way through the airport.  I was so grateful to be able to have Jean and Gabriel travel with me and to spend time drawing closer with Jean as we shared stories, tears, and laughter.  I was blessed to have time with friends and family as we all gathered together for my brother Mark’s wedding and rode out Hurricane Sandy.  
I loved seeing Uncle Tom and Gabriel together for the first time and later hear Uncle Tom share hilarious story after story of Ryan’s crazy exploits.  I treasured talking to my Aunt Carolyn and seeing her strength in the face of Satan’s opposition.  At one point while I was talking with Jean, she said something to the extent of “it has been such a huge blessing to see all of the things that God is doing in our lives right now”.  I put my hand on her shoulder and told her that it is amazing that after suffering the loss of her only brother she can say that and still see God’s blessing and faithfulness in their lives.  This is such a testament to the strength of her faith and a reminder to me that God is indeed good all of the time. The beautiful picture of love above mirrors how the Heavenly Father loves and adores us, wanting only the best for each of us.
Psalm 42:5 ESV–“Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me?  Hope in God; For I shall again praise Him, my salvation and my God.”

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