What Mommy did…she read.  She read us children’s books for hours–hundreds of them and some of them hundreds of times.  “Fritz and the Beautiful Horses” was her favorite children’s book, so we all liked it too.  When my brother, Brett, went through his “The Diggingest Dog” phase she read that too…over and over and over again.
A mother to nine, I am pretty sure that she was breastfeeding for the first continuous half of my life and she never did so without a book in her hand.  We would all crowd around her and she would read to us.  Sometimes she would read us books for us like Laura Ingalls Wilder stories, yet other times she would read to us whatever she happened to be reading whether C.S. Lewis, Tolkein, Victor Hugo…etc.  We grew up on classics like “Gone With The Wind”, “Cyrano De Bergerac”, and various Shakespeare.  We even got dragged into her “Wyatt Earp phase” when she fell in love with Kevin Costner (much to my Dad’s dismay) and therefore had to learn everything about the famous man whose character he played.
My mommy read and so we all read (not having a tv may have been a factor too).  Her passion for reading and love of books has been passed on to me and now my children.  I hate spending money, but I am dangerous in a bookstore where I am at home with all the smells, the pages, and the infinite number of books.
Most importantly, she read the Bible.  Every night, without fail, she read.  When we were supposed to be sleeping, if we peeked into her room she would be reading her Bible.  Long after all her chores were done and she collapsed in bed after an exhausting day she read her Bible faithfully.  My Mommy read and so now…I read.

                                                     Five Minute Friday