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Month: June 2015

Happy Father’s Day Myron


Today is Father’s Day, but it is also the eve of the first Heavenly birthday, of our beloved college cheerleading coach, Myron Doan.  It is impossible to believe that a year has passed or that he is really gone.

My husband and I both have amazing fathers that we love dearly, but on this Father’s Day, I have found my thoughts resting with Myron.  Myron may have not had biological children of his own, but he was a true father to so many. I know that I have written about this before, but to my husband, Jared, and I, Myron will always remain one of the most important pieces of our family.  Continue reading

Life With Chronic Pain

painRecently, I found this list from The Pain Foundation, entitled “16 Things People In Chronic Pain Want You To Know”  and it was a fun and excellent representation of what people in chronic pain truly do want others to understand.  Inspired by this, I am have made my own list of things that I wish people could understand about my own, personal struggle with severe chronic pain.

1. It hurts just to be. I am always in pain whether or not I appear to be so. I have good days and bad days, but pain is my constant companion.  Continue reading

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