Hi! My name is Christen Young and I am the mother of five precious children and a grandmother to the cutest baby in the world (I can say that without bias whatsoever). A former gymnast and three time National Collegiate Cheerleading Champion at Morehead State University, the only flexibility and flying that I use now days is configuring my family’s crazy schedule and flying around the house trying to to find the always missing “lost shoes” for my children as they pour into my non “mom van” vehicle. Thanks to my hardworking husband, I am blessed to have an equally difficult job as a stay at home mom, but it definitely keeps me busy–you know between watching soap operas and eating bon bons.

Life is always changing and I spent several years as the Coordinator for my church’s Mother of Preschoolers (MOPS) program and the Early Childhood Director at my church, where my heart was molded for loving women in the same stage of life as I am in. I love speaking to and sharing my heart with other Mothers and MOPS. They are the most talented and amazingly accomplished women who discover new gifts and abilities as they navigate their adventures in motherhood. After leading those ministries for several years, I have branched out into a new calling for my life as the founder and director from Journey, a group for teen and college age mommies.

Just when I thought life had become predictable, God shook things up and showed me that His plan is way different than I could have ever anticipated. Due to nerve damage to two of the muscles in my back, my shoulder skeletal structure is no longer well supported and as a result I struggle with severe and constant chronic pain. I have been on a journey with God as I am learning what it means to truly rely on Christ for my strength and joy. Although I had early signs of this problem as far back as 2003, beginning in 2010 was when my life became completely altered by pain. As the second oldest daughter from a family of nine, I grew up caring for babies and young children, so motherhood came naturally for me. My children were loved on, my house was always clean, my babies slept through the night, my baby weight melted off to pre-pregnancy weight in no time, and I had no real understanding why others struggled so much to be successful moms (yes, haters should understandably hate at that statement). That all changed when my pain became dramatically worse. God has used my injury to help shape my heart and life to understand the trials and triumphs of other moms. My life could no longer be a neatly organized flawless routine as I literally could not get out of bed most days and basic household tasks became impossible. I could see God’s sense of humor as my carefully planned life became spontaneous and beautifully messy.

Pain has changed my life, but God is using it for His glory as he changes my heart too. A recovering perfectionist, I have learned that when we are at our weakest is when we see God’s perfect strength. With Him, my family, my church family, and the help of many mom friends of all ages who have blessed and changed my life forever, I am adjusting to the new normal of my life and through the love of others I have seen God’s love for me. I am using my pain for His purpose. Pain prevents me from participating in almost everything that I used to enjoy, but years ago God placed it on my heart to begin a group for teen-college age mommies and in 2013 year that dream came to fruition. After years of prayer and development, with a lot of help, I created a group called, Journey, to fill a huge need for young moms in our community. Our local Pregnancy Care Center does an amazing job helping girls to choose life, and we partner with them to pick up where they leave off as far as taking care of the needs of pregnant mommies and teaching them skills to change the future by learning to become better mommies.

As a result of the disabling pain and condition of my constantly spasming muscles, my doctor recommended that I shouldn’t have anymore children as taking care of another baby would prove to be too difficult. I was heartbroken, because I had always envisioned having more children and I know that God had created me with a gift and love for children. As I prayed about it, I felt that God was speaking to my heart and reminding me that just because we weren’t going to have more children, it did not mean that God couldn’t still use me to show His love to other children and specifically babies. Thankfully, God had other plans for growing our family. In addition to our original family of two girls and two boys, God gave us a beautiful young lady to add to our family. When she was almost 9 months pregnant, God perfectly placed an amazing young woman named, KeKe, into our family and I was blessed to be there as she gave birth to my precious grandson, Julius. I even got to cut his umbilical cord. That experience bonded KeKe to us for life and after almost lifetime in foster care, I truly believe that she can rest knowing that she is finally home and that we are her forever family. We love her and Julius dearly and are so grateful that God not only brought her into our life, but also that she accepted us as family.

This website is my way of keeping those who are interested updated on my progress and pain without forcing them to read endless status updates. I also want to be able to share my motherhood adventure with others who are on the same roller coaster ride.

The daughter of Christian fiction writer, Melanie Jeschke, a love for writing runs in the family. Although I am far from a professional, I hope that you enjoy my site!

Welcome To My Blog. This is me…well, not exactly me, but my life condensed into words for whomever wants to read my thoughts and know my heart. God has given me a unique story full of blessings and trials, guidance and growth, and a strong desire to draw closer to Him.