Today is Father’s Day, but it is also the eve of the first Heavenly birthday, of our beloved college cheerleading coach, Myron Doan.  It is impossible to believe that a year has passed or that he is really gone.

My husband and I both have amazing fathers that we love dearly, but on this Father’s Day, I have found my thoughts resting with Myron.  Myron may have not had biological children of his own, but he was a true father to so many. I know that I have written about this before, but to my husband, Jared, and I, Myron will always remain one of the most important pieces of our family. 

Throughout our home are little reminders of Myron, but there is one item that puts a lump in my throat every single time I walk by it. It is the picture that I posted above, a small snapshot of Jared and Myron standing together on the very night that I met my husband and talked with Myron for the first time. However, that is not why it brings tears to my eyes. It is for the simple fact, that the picture shows the bond between my husband and Myron, that I am forever thankful for. Myron was Jared’s closest friend and confidant, a respected coach and mentor, and most importantly a father figure to him and to so many of us that had the privilege of cheering for him. When Jared literally had no money to buy food, Myron would seem to know without him ever saying and take him out and buy him dinner. I know that over his many years, he did this for many students. If someone needed advice, all they had to do was ask and Myron would share his wisdom and guidance.  If he found out that someone was missing classes, he would speak to them; partying too much, he might chastise them; not doing their best, he would motivate them. In short, he would be the father that they may not have known they needed. For some, he would be their surrogate father for the few years that they were in school, but for others he would carry it out for a lifetime. Many of Myron’s “kids” now have children of their own or have followed in his foot steps and are molding young lives of the kids that they coach and it is a blessing to see that his fatherly influence carries on.

I do not know if I will ever have the words to express what Myron meant to me or so many others. I just know that I am forever thankful for him. So, today, I want to wish him a happy Father’s day and thank him for being a father to so many of us.