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Life With Chronic Pain

painRecently, I found this list from The Pain Foundation, entitled “16 Things People In Chronic Pain Want You To Know”  and it was a fun and excellent representation of what people in chronic pain truly do want others to understand.  Inspired by this, I am have made my own list of things that I wish people could understand about my own, personal struggle with severe chronic pain.

1. It hurts just to be. I am always in pain whether or not I appear to be so. I have good days and bad days, but pain is my constant companion.  Continue reading

Painful Process

It has been five years this month, that what had been a minor, long term but only slightly bothersome injury, took a life changing turn as it became a debilitating battle with severe, chronic, pain and constant muscle spasms. A lot has changed and transpired in the five years since my life was turned upside down by pain, and in reflecting back on it, I found myself in a conversation with my 12 year old daughter about it. Sitting on my bed with her, I asked her “Do you remember what Mom was like before I was always in pain?” Continue reading

Good Books and Better Friends

Bad Book

Growing up, our family did not watch TV. We didn’t even have a television, so every time we went to a friend’s house where we could watch TV, we would immediately go into a TV immovable TV trance. When we were home, we read a lot. My house growing up was filled with shelves and shelves of books of every genre. Not only that, but we also made weekly trips to the library, voraciously consuming any book that caught our attention.  Continue reading

Quick No-Grate Dry Laundry Detergent


I have been promising for the past two years that I would post this on my blog, so here it finally is. I have been making my own laundry detergent for almost a decade now and have been continually revising the process to make a better and easier detergent.  I did not think that I could ever come up with an easier recipe than my “5 Minute Liquid Laundry Detergent”, but then I was challenged to make a dry version. Continue reading

Mourning Myron

It has been barely over a month since Myron went to Heaven and I can not say that I have been fully able to comprehend that he is gone. Continue reading

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