Hi, I am Christen Young, Christ follower, Wife, Mother of five, Grandmother to Julius, and CEO and Chief Events Coordinator for Young Family Enterprises. I am also the Founder and Director of an Outreach called “JOURNEY” for teenage-college age mothers and their families. I like to speak, write, blog, and spend time with my family.

Welcome To My Blog. This is me…well, not exactly me, but my life condensed into words for whomever wants to read my thoughts and know my heart. God has given me a unique story full of blessings and trials, guidance and growth, and a strong desire to draw closer to Him.


“My Story”

God is writing my story,

using my talents for His glory.

He has shown me promise through my pain

and used my weakness for His gain.

With me His work is never done.

That is why God sent His Son.

To change my heart to be like His,

And show me that His true love lives.

I’ll share with you my thoughts, my love

In hopes that you’ll be drawn above.

To give Him your heart, your dreams, your story.

All to Him and for His glory.

–Christen M. Young